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The Simplest Step To A Happier Life

gratitude exercises - foot meditation

The Simplest Step To A Happier Life

April 18, 2016 @ 8:23 am
by e.neil
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Express Gratitude To Your Staunchest Supporters

Looking for a way you can immediately be happier?  Want a no-fail solution to banishing the blues?  Need an insiders’ go-to method for getting more out of life?

You don’t have to go any farther than one of the first phrases you learned to speak.  It’s magic.  Really.  After all, you learned to say it with “the magic word.”  It’s the counterpart to “please.”

It’s “Thank you!”

Express gratitude and get on the true path to happiness.  It’s no coincidence all the true gurus agree thankfulness is the key.

Of course, you know that.  But how do you begin?  What is gratitude?  How can you really express it?

My answer:  Take a shower.

The shower is a great place to start.  You strip away cares, worries, and concerns easily as your clothes.  It’s just you, your body, and the water.  And soap.

How Can You Begin To Do The Gratitude Thing?

Think about your feet.  Remember the work that they do.  They carry you around all day.  They get stuffed into uncomfortable shoes.  Like little prisoners in solitary confinement, deprived of the light of day.  (Even as I’m writing to you today, mine are stuffed away into black leather dress shoes.)

Have you ever stubbed your toe?  Stepped on a thorn?  Or had a rock in your shoe?  Then you know what it’s like to not have perfect use of your feet.

Lather up your little piggies.  Slather up your soles.  Heal your heels.  And as you wash your feet, tell them thank you.  Really feel grateful for them.  If you want to risk feeling like you’re a little crazy, tell them you love them.

And of course, actions speak louder than words.  Reward them.  Give them a treat.  Let them be bare.  Or finally let yourself get a comfortable pair of shoes.

Or sandals.

Sandals let your feet breathe.  Get some air.  And still keep them protected.  Especially if they are designed and built with toe guard technology.

If you’re anything like me, though, you’re pretty picky about your footwear.

It takes me forever to find a pair of shoes that I think look good, that fit, and that are comfortable.  And once I find a pair of shoes that meet my obsessive criteria, I want them to be with me for a while.

Sadly, for the past few years, I’ve been disappointed and severely let down by my choices.

The last pair of sandals was comfortable.  But within a month, they had already begun to fall apart.

Finally I found Keen sandals.

So far, they’ve defended my feet against the pounding pavement as I’ve jogged in them.  They’ve weathered sea water on a SCUBA dive boat, keeping me from slipping about on deck.

I’ve asked myself several time, “These are sandals?” – astonished with how comfortable yet how sturdy they are.

While we’re still in our honeymoon phase, I’m expecting them to last a long time.  In fact, I’m planning to go pick up another pair of the same sandals: Keen Clearwater CNX waterproof sandals

My Keen sandals offer me another way to express the gratitude my feet deserve.


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