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Put The Secret of Coffee Pros To Work For You At Home – Coffee Toddy – The Weekly Batch Ready in Less Than 11 Minutes

Put The Secret of Coffee Pros To Work For You At Home – Coffee Toddy – The Weekly Batch Ready in Less Than 11 Minutes

September 1, 2015 @ 8:23 am
by e.neil
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The latch-stopper bottle chilled my hand as I pulled it out of the refrigerator.
I handled it like a relic to keep it in my grip.
The porcelain mug on the counter top thirsted, mouth agape, craving its morning fix.
But not as much as I was.

I popped open the bottle and measured out 4 centiliters once, twice, into a stainless steel shot cup.
The mug almost shivered as the first shot, then the second, splashed in. A few seconds later, ice chimed against the side of the mug as it spiraled to the bottom.
I diluted the concentrated coffee with pure cold filtered water. The ice popped in response.

A quick stir and it was ready.
The warmth of my rising spirit, and the chill of the coffee blended in a tornado of joyful consciousness and my taste buds practically reached out and grabbed the sip before it even tilted out of the mug and into my mouth. Bliss of body and spirit. 

The Morning Coffee Ritual, Transformed

For the past several weeks, I have been making coffee toddy. It’s the latest evolution of my morning coffee experience. My morning routine moved over to iced coffee to temper against the dreaded summer humidity and heat.  For most of the year, I’m a hot coffee drinker. And coffee toddy will serve me there, too.  But recently, iced is the way to go, baby.
So how can you experience the passion of coffee toddy for yourself?

5 Minutes Today, 5 Minutes Tomorrow – For The Rest of the Week, You’ll Be Golden

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 160 – 170 grams of dark roast coffee – medium to rough grind
  • 1 liter of room temperature water. The better the water quality, the better your experience


  • a re-purposed, cleaned, sterilized wine bottle or other 1-liter bottle
  • some kind of stopper
  • a fine strainer
  • cheesecloth
  • a funnel


Here’s what you’ll do:
Put the coffee grounds into a 2 liter container. Pour the water over it. Give it all a good stir (or shake) so that the grounds are all nice and soaked.
Put it in a cool, dark place for 15 – 24 hours. You’ll need to experiment with the length of time to discover your personal preference.

If you’re diligent with your coffee routine and really want to zero in, you might try cupping (tasting) the coffee at 12 hours and continue in 3 – 5 hour intervals up to 24 hours. Try one tablespoon quantities…
Shoot, go up to 48 hours and let me know the results. At each interval, you will discover an entirely different level of experience as the flavors develop.

Once you’re ready, filter through a strainer.
Put your filtered coffee into a bottle.
Put it in the fridge and you’re ready good to go anytime.

Some ways to drink it:

Straight – wow, watch out.
Iced in a mug, diluted to capacity of the mug. (Pop in the ice, pour the toddy in, fill with cold water)
Hot in a mug – Fill mug with hot water. Add 2 shots of toddy (about 8 centiliters).
Ice-cold in a champaign glass – be good to yourself and indulge sometimes.
Cold, Sweet and White – put some condensed milk (2 tsp) in the bottom of your glass, add the toddy. Mix well. Add milk to fill.
Cold and White – toddy plus milk
Lindt-Mocha – melt a Lindt truffle in a mug with hot water as in hot in a mug, add toddy.
Nestle Quick Iced Or Hot Mocha – Make your hot chocolate or chocolate milk, add a shot or two of toddy… Ideally you’ll put the nestle quick power in the cup and add the toddy and blend the two well before filling with milk (hot or cold).

Notes On The Coffee
I’ve experimented with French roast Colombian Arabica organic fair trade beans, French roast Brazilian Arabica beans, and an “espresso roast blend” of good quality.


Put my coffee in a 2 liter, wide mouth jar.
Put the water in.
Let it steep for 24 hours.
Pour out through a strainer lined with gauze cloth (not really cheese cloth) into a big bowl.
Funnel into big aforementioned latch stopper bottle.
Do I squeeze the grounds – sometimes… depends on my mood.

So that will get you all set to make you own coffee toddy at home!


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