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Miyabi Café and Boulangerie – Getting Local with Cafes in Hyogo – Itami

Miyabi Cafe And Boulangerie, Itami, Hyogo

Miyabi Café and Boulangerie – Getting Local with Cafes in Hyogo – Itami

January 25, 2016 @ 7:49 am
by e.neil
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I dabbed at the corners of my mouth before I even opened the door. Having arrived a little late in the day, the dessert display case seemed to smirk at me for my tardiness, taunting me to come earlier next time. Among the slices of cake remaining, a singular egg tart called to me the loudest. Pastries and breads – mounds of joy – whispered at me from the take-away bakery section. Croissants, custard cream filled rolls, Danish, bread loaves begged me to take them.

Located in a suburban neighborhood in Itami, Hyogo, Japan, Miyabi Cafe and Boulangerie makes for a wonderful little escape from large corporate coffee franchises while allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasures of surrounding yourself in a stylish, modern cafe experience, full of warmth and coziness.
They even host a bank of outlets to plug in your portable devices and get some online work – or play – done while you sip on your choice of beverages and enjoy a bit of nosh as a snack or a full meal.

I slipped into the dining area and managed to find one table open before ordering. The popularity of the café promised a real treat.

Back at the counter, I ordered the preliminary level benchmark of a café’s competence – a latte. A latte is a great way to judge a barista and a café in general as it provides an opportunity so show what they can do as well as enough latitude to make up for short comings.

But the true test of excellence is a single shot of espresso… (I’ll try that next time I go to Miyabi, because, oh yes, there WILL be a next time.)

Espresso lays it bear… opens the kimono, so to speak. The dark beauty allows no latitude. It’s either perfect or it’s not. The café must have chosen the right bean, the right roast, the right water, the right pressure, and the right packing of the portafilter… and adjusted for the humidity.

Sitting at my table, I popped the plastic lid off the white paper cup. Froth smiled back at me, welcoming me to a new experience – my first latte … at Miyabi Café.

latte at miyabi cafe

latte at miyabi cafe

I feigned innocence. She was gentle with me. Nutty, creamy, naturally sweet frothed milk cradled the bitter, smoky, rich, acidic espresso. We kissed deeply. As I took her into me, she realized my prowess and released her true essence.

As she allowed my tongue to caress her, the mystic curtain slid back. I glided past the thick velvet fabric into exaltation. Perfect unity married the physical of my brain chemistry and the spiritual of awareness with the sensual flavors of the latte.

Returning from the pleasure dome in my mind, I looked around the stylish café. Smiling faces all around. Fellow customers chatted lively while digging in to the treats on their plates. Forks tinged on plates. Frothing wands squealed and whined as cappuccinos and lattes were crafted behind the counter. Soft jazz hummed energetic vibes.

Freshly ground espresso beans punctuated the aroma of the room already alive with the fragrance of melted butter, baked yeast, and pastries.

Out the street-facing window, trees stretched along a lake.

Across Miyabi’s ample parking lot children played in a park, sliding on the slides, climbing the jungle gym, and chasing each other around, while parents looked on, clinging to the warmth of their takeaway cups in the winter evening. Benches around the park perimeter invite the outdoor oriented to picnic on their takeaway sandwiches from Miyabi.

I smiled as I drove away, realizing the menu at Miyabi still has so much for me to explore, and that is an urban adventure worth looking forward to.


Miyabi Cafe Specials Menu

Miyabi Cafe Specials Menu

Miyabi Cafe Drink Menu

Miyabi Cafe Drink Menu

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