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How Freshness Burger Delivered A Spicy Chicken Sandwich That Lived Up To Its Name

spicy crispy chicken burger at freshness burger

How Freshness Burger Delivered A Spicy Chicken Sandwich That Lived Up To Its Name

February 1, 2016 @ 8:04 am
by e.neil
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With a mental smirk, I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich from the clerk. “Spicy. Give it your best shot,” I thought, getting, as my mom used to say, a little big for my britches. I took the green plastic lambda shaped number he handed me and went to wait at my table as instructed.

Other customers were digging in to their cheese dripping burgers, crispy onion rings, and eighth-cut cottage fries. For a scrumptious, juicy burger, it’s pretty hard to beat Freshness burger. I’ve never left with an empty stomach or clean hands. You get the real burger experience, complete with delicious drippings from the sandwich.

I sat in arrogant anticipation…

A fewspicy crispy chicken burger at freshness burger close-up moments later, an oval basket arrived, paper cradling the sandwich. Almost-too-perfect lettuce jutted out from the buns. Onions coiled under the lettuce. And the crisply breaded and deep-fried chicken glistened red from beneath the vegetables above it.

I took a moment to shoot some photos with my old phone camera.

Then I wrapped my mitts around this so-called spicy burger, bared my teeth, and chomped down.

Now, I’m not anywhere near a softy when it comes to spicy food. I love it hot. We’re talking jolokia, habanero, no problem. Dave’s Insanity. Blair’s Sauce of Death… I can do that. Sadly, not as often as I’d like because at my age there are “next day consequences” as I like to call them…

“Well, Mr. Toughie, you weren’t expecting THIS,” something seemed to whisper. The soft buttery bun gave way, the perfect lettuce and sweet onion crunched, and the crisp breading of the chicken crackled, releasing the searing juices of the chicken. The textural experience that greeted my mouth satisfied any kinesthetic expectations I could have had. And the flavors lighted up my taste buds… and, oh, the lights came on!

I don’t have much hair on the top of my head. My bald pate acts as an effective pre-indicator of the spiciness of food. Sweat beads up on my bald spot.

I was swabbing my bald spot before the brunt of the heat hit. At that point, I knew I was in for a treat (or was that punishment?) and my crispy chicken sandwich did not disappoint.

Between the sizzle of the meat and the spicy breading, my mouth begged for quenching.

Finally the heat and fieriness subsided…

… And it was time for the second bite.

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