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Doin’ Donuts Like The Locals – Good Coffee – Free Refills – Decent Donuts

Doin’ Donuts Like The Locals – Good Coffee – Free Refills – Decent Donuts

December 7, 2015 @ 7:43 am
by e.neil
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Looking for a place to kill some time? Need a place to sit and chat with someone? Want a place to mentally immerse and write for hours with no disturbances?

Got a hankering for good hot coffee with free refills? (Though, baffling, you can’t get a free refill of hot water for your tea…)

Mister Donuts tops the list.

And an added bonus: recently Mr Donuts reformulated their coffee blend. It sips even better than before. And before, it wasn’t that bad. The counter clerks even come around and bring you refills, on the house.

You may hear Mr Donuts referred to as “Misdo” in the fashion of shortened utterances that the Japanese do everywhere in their language (** see note below).

They’re clean donut shops, if not always the most updated interior. Clearly some of the locations have seen plenty of wear. After all, the first one opened in 1971. Still, the restrooms are clean as is the dining area.

Amenities To Help You Recharge On More Than Caffeine And Sugar

Mr Donuts shops comfort you with air conditioning: heat in winter and cool in summer.

Recently some locations have toyed with the idea of WiFi. And you can plug your device in at most locations for a bit of battery charge.

The staff greet and serve you with a welcoming smile and fast service.

And it’s a great deal. For the price of a (large) coffee at Starbucks, you can get a coffee and a donut (“blend – bu ren do – coffee” and a glazed donut, called a “honey dipped” – but I seriously doubt there is any honey involved – delicious nonetheless).

What’s more, there’s a membership card / point card. With each purchase and corresponding accumulation of points, you get closer and closer to getting cool premiums. I’ve gotten 2 different coffee mugs in the past. They have dozens of different bonuses offered over the years. Like large cozy blankets. Tableware. Small book bags / backpacks. And many more. They change seasonally or monthly.

They Make A WHAT Kind Of Donut?

Oh, dear Japan, you sport such innovation in food!

And donuts are no exception. Want to try a matcha (Japanese green tea) donut? You’ll find them here!

What’s Not To Love, Without Sugar Coating It?

Well, for the most part, you’ll find Mr Donuts to be a great place to hang out. There are a couple of possible areas of improvement. First and foremost, the chocolate glazed donut… There’s no way to sugar coat it, the chocolate frosting is just flat out waxy.

And aside from the glazed donut (honey dipped), most of the donuts are not all that sweet. Actually, this is probably a positive point, but if you’re expecting a North American style donut, you’re in for a surprise.

Finally, finding a jelly filled donut among the tasty offerings just won’t happen. For now. (Perhaps with the recent introduction of Krispy Kreme to Japan, Mr Donuts will expand their selection to include these all-time favorites of the donut world. It’s been nigh on 5 years, though and I’m still waiting…)

When you need to spend a few minutes to catch a breath and a good cup of joe, or a couple of hours to catch up with friends or on life, consider Mr Donuts.

Mr Donut on Wikipedia


** NOTE: Likewise Starbucks goes to SaaBaa. McDonald’s devolves to MaKuDo.
Kansai Daigagkku (Kansai University) reduces to KanDai.
Kansai Gaikokugo Daigakku (Kansai University of Foreign Language) disintegrates to KanGaiDai.
Skateboarding goes to Skaa Bo.  I could continue but you get the point.

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