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Discover A Simple 2 Minute Exercise That Whisks You Down Your Path To Enlightenment


Discover A Simple 2 Minute Exercise That Whisks You Down Your Path To Enlightenment

April 4, 2016 @ 9:05 am
by e.neil
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Looking for a way to cease the annoying mental chatter? Want an immediate technique to effectively release that exhausting emotional baggage? Are you yearning for a deeper, calmer life experience to let the best you shine through?

You know meditation delivers a higher quality of life. You’ve read the studies, heard about the health benefits on the news. And even learned how just taking 10 minutes a day to calm your mind positively impacts your work and your relationships.

If you’ve ever sat down and started a meditation practice, I’ll be you’ve had a bit of frustration. You may have even felt like you “failed” at meditating. But it’s not your fault. And to be honest, you can never really “fail” at meditation – it’s always here for you, ready to try again at any moment.

The problem real problem is that your “guru” probably forgot to give you one piece of the puzzle that sets you straight. In fact, it’s so simple that it’s easy to overlook. But it’s a critical element to your success.

Start at the beginning of mindfulness

Successfully getting into meditation requires that you achieve a certain level of mindfulness.

Getting into mindfulness requires getting to know yourself. While you as a being have countless levels, we’ll focus on 3 main ones: body, mind, and feelings.

Our 2 minute exercise starts with focus on your body and body awareness.

Body awareness sets the stage physically for the later intangible awareness of your thoughts and your feelings.

Ready? Here we go.

You’ll need a comfortable place to sit. Any position is fine, but try to sit with your back straight but relaxed. You can sit in a chair. Don’t feel it necessary to adopt a strange or uncomfortable pose.

You’ll need a 2-minute timer. It could be digital, an app on your phone, or an old fashioned egg timer. But to begin, 2 minutes is a keystone amount of time.

Set your timer for 2 minutes.

Sit perfectly still. (Breathing and blinking are okay.) You can close your eyes if you’d like.

Observe yourself.

That’s it.

If you move, start over, or try again next time.

Simple, right?

What to keep track of

  • Facial muscle movement
  • Shifting in your seat
  • Wiggling your fingers or toes
  • Moving your eyes

Any movement at all (again, except for breathing or blinking, though it helps to observe these as well)

Counting cure solves mindfulness challenges

One tip that I found helps with the awareness practice is to make it into a counting game. Count the number of times you move. Keep it playful. Keep it light. Be gentle and loving with yourself.

Keep an awareness journal

Keeping track of your efforts may be discouraging at first, but make simple notes and you’ll soon see lots of progress along your way to enlightenment.

It all starts with a simple mindfulness technique. Soon you’ll be able to keep your body perfectly still. Once you’re accomplished at sitting for 2 minutes, extend the time to 5 minutes. Then ten.

Nasty thoughts interrupt awarness

The challenges then become the thoughts in your mind telling you all sorts of things. Be aware that these thoughts have your better intentions in mind but are going about it from a wrong perspective. One chief example of what I used to hear was “why are you just sitting here? You’re wasting time!” Ignore these thoughts. Continue your practice.

Once you’ve mastered sitting still for ten minutes, it will be time to move on to observing your thoughts and feelings.

But that’s a lesson for another day…

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