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Commuter Rage Opens A Door To Awareness

Commuter Rage Opens A Door To Awareness

September 21, 2015 @ 4:51 am
by e.neil
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The man’s heart swelled with rage.

He struggled against the cutting remark that crouched, ready to strike out.  And he lost that struggle.  “You asshole.  I can’t believe your so stupid!” he grumbled at the man in front of him.

He seethed as he waited for the train to arrive, a lump burning in his chest.

He felt he had been the victim of an injustice.  Only steps away from getting in the line, another commuter sneakily sprinted two steps ahead and edged the now-angered man back in line.

The relative position didn’t matter.  The act of someone sneaking in front of him just steps away from the line most certainly did.  And sadly, this is a common practice for a certain kind of person to do on the commute.

The train arrived and throngs of people piled in.

For some strange reason, this morning our self-proclaimed cheated commuter experienced an acute awareness of his anger burning there in his chest.

He decided to allow the anger to just rest there.  To experience it.  To try and understand why he was feeling so angry at such a silly maneuver by a meaningless person.

The anger masked another feeling: Hurt.  And another: Disappointment.  And further still:  Injustice.  Yet another: Disgust – a kind of cowardice hides behind such a move by someone… and the typical action of such a coward is to pretend like nothing happened and ignore anything said to them.

And the granddaddy of them all: Helplessness… there was no recourse for what the sneaky line-cutter had done – or none that made any sense.

In the end, there was no negative repercussion from being cut in front of. He still stood in the place on the train he always got.  The line-cutter didn’t get the seat he was so desperately trying to steal away from our dear commuter…

And on the bright side, the angering, frustrating situation provided an opportunity for inspection.  And perhaps, if our commuter is lucky, he will remember these feelings and the larger picture, and more quickly admit to himself that the situation is quite funny, and nothing is lost.

For this situation is certain to happen again, as it has many times before.

Every day we receive the opportunity to learn from frustrating situations.  Anger, frustration, – any of those “fiery” emotions provide an acute sensation.

That fiery sensation can be anchored to a reminder “program” we can use to become aware, to bring us back to consciousness.


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