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mamushi - Japanese pit viper

A Chance Encounter With A Deadly Japanese Pit Viper Ends In …

October 25, 2015 @ 10:52 pm
by e.neil
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The creek trickled behind me. Eyes wide.  Heart pounding.  I stood paralyzed in my tracks. My entire body poised in high alert, my brain had detected danger. Something lurked in the periphery, but my conscious mind failed to identify what. Seconds before, I bounded across a stream and through a stand of scrub brushing my mid-chins. From across the stream I had seen a vertical slab of bedrock thrusting from the earth.  Intent on “communing with nature,” the urge to touch the megalith demanded satisfaction. But now, my primordial senses screamed “Stop!”  I listened.  I stood frozen, hand extended toward [...]
a new way to scrapbook

Preserve And Safeguard Your Travel Memories. One-Click Simplicity Helps You Create An Archive Worthy Of Your Journey. And Everything You Need Is Free And Right At Your Fingertips.

October 5, 2015 @ 5:11 am
by e.neil
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Doesn’t it seem that scrapbooks have gone the way of the t.rex, dodo, and excellent customer service in the U.S.: extinct? This is not to say “scrapbooking” is dead  – like finding excellent customer service in the U.S. – there are small pockets of dedicated believers keeping it alive. But what we think of as keeping a scrapbook has disappeared on a broad scale. Or has it? Maybe it has just changed form. There used to be a time when the fun of taking a trip didn’t end with arrival back at home.  After emptying out all of the pockets [...]
Osaka Aquarium

Discover Osaka Aquarium And Experience Oceans Of The World In One Place

September 28, 2015 @ 12:36 am
by e.neil
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Scurrying along the pavement, my shirt clung tightly against my skin as the drizzle from the gray, featureless sky soaked me.  The shiver running through me was almost enough for me to stop and take out my rain jacket from my sling bag.  But not quite. I could smell it already.  The salty sea air awakened my nostrils.  Just two or three minutes more and I would be there.  Excitement rushed through me as it does every time I smell the ocean so near. The sounds of local restaurants rattling, clanging, banging, chopping and whisking painted another layer of texture [...]

Guam: Island Paradise But Not Quite The Cultural Experience I was Expecting

September 7, 2015 @ 1:48 am
by e.neil
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Stunned, I stared at the concierge, wondering if she was being serious. I tried to maintain a mask of polite acceptance and understanding of what she was saying. But confused, well, that’s an understatement as to how I felt. I kept trying to process the information I was getting, and wondering if I was miscommunicating. She continued, “There’s an Applebee’s. It’s on the road toward the airport. And there’s a Denny’s just up the road on the corner. If you’re looking for a more fancy dinner, there’s a Lone Star Steakhouse, too.“ I couldn’t blame my confusion on jet lag, [...]