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Right, Fast, Clean – Japan Install Techs May Have A Thing Or Two To Teach Their Western Counter-Parts

January 18, 2016 @ 8:55 am
by e.neil
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In recent posts, I have been less than kind regarding several of my experiences living in Japan. If I am so unhappy here, why the hell do I remain? Today I reveal one reason I like living in Japan. This morning, two installation techs came to the house. (We ordered a couple of air conditioning units to be installed upstairs. As an aside, in Japan, the norm it to have an individual air con unit for each room. Central heating and air is not widespread in residential housing.) The work van arrived in front of the house. They immediately went [...]

Ozoni – Good Food for Good Luck – Ancient Shinto Magic in Modern Japanese Life

January 11, 2016 @ 8:12 am
by e.neil
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The ex-pat life delivers “glicken” by the truckload. Local holidays back that truckload up and dump it right at your door. In Japan, that means not only eating the sacred New Years dishes of “o-zoni” and “o-sechi,” but opening up the inside scoop on these foods that take you back to ancient sympathetic magic based in Shinto. First, let's take a step back. New Years in Japan holds the same importance as family oriented holidays like Christmas for many people in the West. Family members relocated far away for work return home. Typically New Years is a three day holiday [...]