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A Guaranteed Technique – Slow Down To Open A Window To Your Divinity

A Guaranteed Technique – Slow Down To Open A Window To Your Divinity

December 14, 2015 @ 8:06 am
by e.neil
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“Awareness.” “Consciousness.” “Being in the ‘Moment.’” And finally, “Mindfulness.”

One of the highest pursuits of human endeavor promises to lead to this elusive, exalted state. Some people spend a lifetime and never even catch a glimpse. Others may catch only the most fleeting of openings. And only the lucky few enter and remain in a state of enlightenment.

There are as many paths as there are seekers on the path. It is an individual search that leads to the same place. For some, that is “nowhere.”

For the lucky few, it’s “now here.”

What a difference a space makes.

And that’s exactly what it requires… opening up a space where there doesn’t appear to be one.

A space between thought and reaction. A space between feeling and reflex.

What do you have to do? It’s simple, but seemingly impossible at times. The answer is this:

Slow down.

So often we go about our day, bounding from one moment to the next without having really occupied the presence of the moment we just left.

I’m not saying you have to come to a complete stop. Just slow down a bit.

One great exercise is to intentionally slow your pace as you walk. It’s a physical way to start work on your “inner” practice. Breaking your usual cadence shocks you mind a bit into wondering what is going on. Your senses and awareness heightens. And a tiny window is opened.

Once that window opens, observe.

See how everyone seems to be rushing around.

Observe how your mind reels against you… Perhaps it tells you everyone will think you’re strange for walking slowly. (Chances are, they don’t even notice you… they’re too far gone in their own mental Olympics and dealing with their own monkey minds.)

Try to pick out a few details. The color of a particular shade of green on a leaf… the way a breeze makes a corner of a plastic bag littered on the ground seem to do ballet…

Feel your body. Can you feel the blood coursing through your veins? Can you feel your breathing? Are you aware of the air temperature on your face? Can you feel your clothes brushing on your skin?

Feel yourself alive.

The next time you feel pushed around by the daily grind, take just a second to slow down and occupy the present moment. String enough of these together and you’ll start to have deep insights into your life.

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