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30 Second Secret to Lower Anxiety, Boost Energy, and Reduce Exhaustion

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30 Second Secret to Lower Anxiety, Boost Energy, and Reduce Exhaustion

October 12, 2015 @ 1:09 am
by e.neil
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The Sneaky Little Energy Thief Called Anxiety

As the day goes on, you notice yourself becoming more and more exhausted and more than a little uncomfortable.  Quickly thinking back over the day, you can’t seem to find anything that you have done that is particularly tiring.  And the stress of the day hasn’t been more than normal.

Perhaps you’ve been noticing the pattern of becoming tired without a “reason” lately.

There could be lots of reasons.

Like apps running in the background on your smartphone or laptop, there may be an insipid little energy drain (or several of them) “running” in the background without you even knowing.

Mental Sweeps To Reduce Anxiety Through Awareness

Take a moment to discover what may be going on.  It’s simple.  It takes about 30 seconds.
But it’s a challenge to remember to do.

Notice how you are sitting.  How’s your posture?  Is it slouchy?  Rigid?

Next, check your shoulders.  Are they so tight that it’s like you’re trying to squeeze orange juice from an orange?

Continue with this “mental sweep” of your body for signs of anxiety, signs of that tension that acts like one of those energy-stealing background apps.  Keeping that tension in your muscles constantly – or a large portion of time – could be one thing leading to your tiredness.

Habituate Awareness To Cut Anxiety In The Bud

If you get in the habit of running these checks throughout the day, you may start to discover much more going on than what you imagine.

One way to help get in the habit is to set a timer on your smartphone.  Start with once an hour.  Try that for a month.  See if it helps.  See what you notice.

Keeping an eye on these subtle tensions is one way to start unraveling the anxiety that may be going on inside you.  And becoming aware of an issue is the first step toward getting to a solution.

Disclaimer:  This is not to be construed as medical advice in any way, shape or form.  If you suspect something more than the idea and non-professional opinion expressed here, please seek proper advice from the appropriate professional.

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