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bacon stuffed chicken breast recipe

37 Minutes To A Delicious And Simple Chicken Recipe – Bacon Stuffed Chicken Breast

June 6, 2016
Surprise yourself.  You can make this delicious chicken breast recipe - in about half an hour! Here's what you need: 2 Tablespoons…

ISO Blunder A Caveat – How Your Automated Settings on Your DSLR Will Spoil Your Stock Photo Submissions!

August 28, 2015
BE WARNED! Point and shoot, auto adjust, etc. can be the bane of your photography aspirations. Shooting in full sized 6000x RAW…
shin osaka cafes cafe tipo8 in shin osaka

Cafe Tipo 8 – Discover Great Food And Authentic Coffee In Shin-Osaka

White paper swaddled the package on the table in front of me.  A mystery ready to be unraveled, an adventure to be begun, I unwrapped…

What Are True Necessities?

June 13, 2016
Food.  Clothing.  Shelter. Sure, I’ll concede that these are “necessities.”  For most of our modern world, at least for…